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Humanities 7 – Homework – Jan 15

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Today in class, students were introduced to the Unit 4.1 Project and began working small groups to get organized for the project.

Start with these research links to learn about a proposed slave memorial for Boston:

link Proposal for a Memorial at Faneuil Hall (Source: Steve Locke)

link Slave Auction Memorial Outside Faneuil Hall Is One Step Closer To Becoming Reality (Source: WBUR)

link Artist Withdraws Proposed Faneuil Hall Slave Memorial After Boston NAACP Says It Will Oppose It (Source: WBUR)

Questions to answer about the links above on page 51 of your notebook:

1) What was the proposal for the slave memorial for Faneuil Hall in Boston? Describe what it was going to look like and what its message was going to be about.

2) Do you think that this memorial would have done a good job teaching people about the history of Boston and slavery? Why or why not?

3) The proposed memorial was eventually withdrawn because some community organizations were against the memorial. Why were they against it? Should the memorial been built in your opinion? Why or why not?

4) Explore at least one (1) of the memorials below that currently exist in the US. Write down the name of the memorial, what you notice about the design, and what you think the memorial's message about the history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade is?

5) Look at the link America Needs A National Slavery Monument do you think the US should build a national monument for the history of slavery? For context, in Washington, DC we have a National Museum and Memorial for the Holocaust.

Use the links below to learn about the three slave memorials that currently exist in the United States:

link America Needs A National Slavery Monument (Source: NYT)

link The National Memorial for Peace and Justice (Source: EJI)

link United Nations Slavery Memorial (Source: United Nations)

link African Burial Ground (Source: National Parks Service)

Homework - Complete the next steps of the Unit 4.1 Project and bring in your Term 1 AND 2 notebooks to class tomorrow to begin studying for the Mid Year Exam!

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