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Humanities 7 – Unit 3 Enrique’s Journey Readers’ Workshop

01. Bound To El Norte

Unit 3 Enrique's Journey Readers' Workshop

The goals of the Unit 3 Readers' Workshop are: 1) to better understand the reasons why people migrate from one country to another; 2) to put a human face to the statistics and facts about immigration to better empathize with those that make the journey to the United States; and 3) to begin to articulate a better pathway forward for those that decide to come to the United States in the future.

ppt_icon Reading Discussion Questions Instructions (How-To-Guide for Your Notebook)

ppt_icon Presentation on Strategies for Questioning (from ELA class)

microsoft_word_logo Enrique's Journey Letter to Families

link Enrique's Journey (Website)

link Enrique's Journey Interactive Timeline

link StoryBoard That

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