Mr. Valenzuela

Humanities 7 – Homework – Oct 15


Today in class, students concluded the last presentations from the Boston Neighborhoods Project.

microsoft_word_logo Boston Neighborhoods WebQuest

link Boston Zoning Viewer (Source: Boston Planning and Development Agency)

link Boston Census and Demographic Maps (Source: Boston Planning and Development Agency)

 Maps On "Is Boston Segregated?" Activity

microsoft_word_logo Is Boston Segregated? Understanding Questions

Homework - Complete BOTH assignments tonight for credit. Your HW is worth TWO STAMPS!

p. 31 - Complete the Boston Neighborhoods WebQuest handout by using the links above to answer the questions.

p. 32 - Complete the "Is Boston Segregated?" understanding questions handout that we started in-class.

Reminder - You now have your Notebook Quiz (pages 12-25) on Friday 10/18!

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