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Humanities 7 – Sub Work – Sept 27 – Oct 1

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Sub Work Humanities (Sept. 27 - Oct. 1)

Mr. Valenzuela will not be in school for the next three days, but in his absence students will work on several assignments with the substitute to begin preparing for the Unit 1 Quiz by completing the Unit 1 Study Guide, and previewing our next topic (Boston) by investigating several Latinx ethnicity groups in Boston and comparing and contrasting these groups using various data.


microsoft_word_logo Sub Work Packet for Humanities

adobe-pdf-logo Profiles of Latinos in Boston (Source: BPDA)


Friday 9/27 - Classwork: Complete the Unit 1 Study Guide from your Sub Work Packet

Monday 9/30 - Classwork: Complete the Latinos in Boston Day 1 Notes from your Sub Work Packet

Tuesday 10/1 - Classwork: Complete the Latinos in Boston Day 2 Notes from your Sub Work Packet

Homework - Each night you will have homework to complete while Mr. Valenzuela is absent. See below for which assignments to complete on which night.

p. 20 (9/27) From the study guide packet, use page 20 to complete a letter to Mr. Valenzuela. Your letter should be 15 SENTENCES LONG, and should explain how class went today without Mr. V, how your year is going so far, and what has or hasn't been going well for you. If you need more space, finish on a separate sheet of paper and attach.

p. 22 (9/30)Create a "fake test" of 15 questions AND answers from information from Unit 1 so far (complete in Sub Work Packet).

p. 24 (10/1)  - Complete the Latinos in Boston reflection handout from your Sub Work Packet in at least 15 sentences.

Reminder - You have a quiz on what we have learned so far in Unit 1 on Thursday Oct 3rd!

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