Mr. Valenzuela

Humanities 7 – Homework – Oct 15


Today in class, students assessed the organization of their Interactive Student Notebooks in Humanities by taking a notebook quiz. Students also submitted their notebooks to Mr. V to be graded on their organization, content, and neatness. After the quiz, students completed their discussion on whether Boston is a segregated city or not.

 Maps On "Is Boston Segregated?" Activity

microsoft_word_logo Is Boston Segregated? Understanding Questions

microsoft_word_logo Unit 2 Vocabulary Chart

Homework - The homework tonight is worth TWO stamps! Make sure to complete both for credit:

1) Complete the Unit 1 Student Survey.

2) Complete the Unit 2 Vocabulary Chart

Reminder  - You have a CLOSED notebook quiz (on the Unit 2 vocab) on Friday 10/19.

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