Mr. Valenzuela

Humanities 7 – Homework – May 21


Today in class, students completed the Unit 6 Interdisciplinary Project presentations. Students also reflected on what they learned about Southwest and Central in Asia in Unit 6 and previewed their learning of Europe and Russia in the next unit by going over the Unit 7 Vocabulary Chart and a blank map of the region.

microsoft_word_logo Unit 7 Vocabulary Chart

adobe-pdf-logo Blank Map of Europe and Russia

Homework - You must complete both assignments for credit (two HW stamps):

p. 40 - Complete the Unit 7 Vocabulary Chart by illustrating your understanding of the term and definition, must be neat and colorful.

p. 41 - Complete the Blank Map of Europe and Russia by filling in the country names (#1-49)

Reminder - Submit your Unit 6 Interdisciplinary Project on by Tuesday 5/22 (if you have Ms. Marshall) and Wednesday 5/23 (if you have Mr. Korzeniowski). Also you have a quiz on the Unit 7 Vocabulary and the countries of Europe on Friday 5/25!

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