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Humanities 7 – Homework – May 1

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Today in class, students reviewed the background on the war on terror and explained some current events in Pakistan.

adobe-pdf-logo The Taliban's War Against Women

Homework - p. 15 - On the class website, read the article on "The Taliban's War Against Women," then answer the questions below on a separate sheet of paper (taped on to page 15) or right on to the page itself.

Reflection Questions on "The Taliban's War Against Women":

1) Prior to the rise of the Taliban, give some examples of what women were able to do in Afghanistan.

2) After the Taliban came to power in 1994-96, what did they begin to do to restrict the rights of women in Afghanistan?

3) In the reading it states, "Restricting women’s access to work is an attack on women today. Eliminating women’s access to education is an assault on women tomorrow." What do you think that means?

4) What are three statistics about Afghanistan that show the deterioration of the quality of life there during the rule of the Taliban?

5) What is a burqa?

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