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Humanities 7 – Unit 4.3 Africa Memoirs Final Assessment

Unit 4.3 Africa Memoirs Final Assessment

In this creative final unit assessment, students will create a series of memoirs to put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to try to tell the story of Africa from 1500 C.E, when Africa was largely independent and ruled by a collection of indigenous Kingdoms, to 1914 when Africa was largely under European control, to modern-day- Africa, which is mostly now formally independent, yet, still faces various forms of pressure, exploitation, and lingering challenges (as well as many successes!). As we do this, we will use our key questions as our guide, explicitly answering each question throughout the course of this project. As you conceptualize and execute this assignment, continually keep this larger goal in mind. Above all else, you are trying to show that you can answer these three questions. Each project will include six journal entries, so make sure to do them all well.


microsoft_word_logo Unit 4.3 Final Assessment Africa Memoirs Instructions

microsoft_word_logo Unit 4.3 Final Assessment Africa Memoirs Graphic Organizer

Project Schedule

Tuesday 2/27 - Introduce the project, begin drafting journal entries on graphic organizer

Wednesday 2/28 - Project work day

Thursday 3/1 - Project work day

Friday 3/2 - Project work day

Monday 3/5 - Final day to work on project in-class, project DUE at 10:00 PM

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