Mr. Valenzuela

Humanities 7 – Homework – Jun 8


Today in class, students continued the debate on the various responses to the Syrian Refugee Crisis from the member countries of the EU by discussing all the laws being considered by the Model European Union.

Homework - p. 59 - On page 59 in your notebook, complete writing your closing statement/speech of 15 sentences that represents your country's position on at least one of the laws on the debate agenda. Your speech MUST include: some of the facts from your fact sheet; some of your citizens' perspectives on migration (from survey data); and a quote from at least one government leader.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Jun 6


Today in class, students continued with preparations for the Unit 7 Model EU and Syrian Refugee Crisis Debate by continuing to build coalitions with other EU member countries and discussing which new laws to support or oppose. Students also began debating on setting the agenda for the simulation.

link EU Reaches New Deal With Turkey to Return New Asylum Seekers (Source: NY Times)

link Onward Movements of Migrants: Estimated Daily Arrivals
(Source: UNCHR)

Homework - p. 58 - Read the article on the EU and Turkey deal on how to handle the Syrian refugee crisis. When you are finished, answer the questions below on page 58 of your notebook. Answer in COMPLETE sentences.

1) Using context clues from the article, what does the word clandestine mean?

2) What concerns do humanitarian groups have about the new deal?

3) In at least 3 sentences, summarize how the deal will work. What does Turkey get in the deal? How will refugees be treated in this deal?

4) Which country is the weakest link in this agreement, according to the European director for the Eurasia Group? Why is the country not capable of handling this deal?

5) Which four countries shut down the main route used by refugees that had moved on from Greece? Which is the country that most refugees had hoped to reach via the Western Balkans?

6) Using the link above Onward Movements of Migrants: Estimated Daily Arrivals (Source: UNCHR), look at the timeline of how many people have been arriving into Greece and moving on to the rest of Europe over the last year (move the slider at the bottom of the map to change the time of year). What do you notice about the numbers of migrants before January 2016? What do you notice about the numbers of migrants after March 2016? What changed?


Humanities 7 – Homework – Jun 5


Today in class, students continued to research and draft solutions to the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Europe from the perspective of their assigned EU country by beginning to build their coalitions with other European nations and working collaboratively to resolve the crisis.

microsoft_word_logo Building Coalitions in the EU Handout

Homework - p. 57 - Complete all of the steps (I-V) of the Unit 7 Model EU Debate and be prepared for the first day of the debate tomorrow (6/6) in class. ALL steps must be completed before the debate begins at the beginning of class in order to receive credit.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Jun 4


Today in class, students continued to research and draft solutions to the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Europe from the perspective of their assigned EU country by creating a draft policy position paper.

microsoft_word_logo Model EU Policy Position Paper Draft

Homework - p. 56 - Complete the next steps (including Steps I-IV) of the project for the Unit 7 Model EU Debate. Remember that ALL the steps of the project (I-V) must be completed by the beginning of class on Wednesday 6/6. We will continue with our debate preparations tomorrow with Step V ("Building Coalitions").


Humanities 7 – Homework – Jun 1


Today in class, students assessed their Interactive Notebooks by completing a notebook quiz. After the quiz, students continued to research their assigned EU country in preparation for the Unit 7 Model EU Debate by examining survey data on each of the 28 member countries' attitudes towards the handling of the migration crisis.

microsoft_word_logo My EU Nation Data Analysis

microsoft_word_logo EU Country Codes

adobe-pdf-logo EU Survey Data on Migration

Homework - p. 55 - On page 55 of your notebook, continue your research of your assigned EU country by finding three (3) quotes from the leaders of your EU country's government on the migration crisis. Cite your sources for each quotation, and make sure you label who said the quote. This is Step III of the Unit 7 Project from your checklist on page 52 of your notebook.