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Humanities 7 – Unit 5 Monsoon Asia Group Presentations


Unit 5 - Monsoon Asia Group Presentations

In this project, you will research and present on an assigned country from Monsoon Asia in teams of three or four. In this project, imagine your team has been hired by the government of a country in Monsoon Asia to present the biggest strengths and challenges of the country so that its leader can decide its next steps! The only thing is, that leader is very easily bored and confused, so your presentation must be supremely interesting, informative, and clear.


microsoft_word_logo Monsoon Asia Presentation Overview

microsoft_word_logo Monsoon Asia Presentation Group Worksheet

ppt_icon Sample Monsoon Asia Country Research Presentation Template

microsoft_word_logo Monsoon Asia Presentation Rubric

Additional Resources

link CIA World FactBook

link World Development Data Indicators (Source: The World Bank)

link List of Featured Data Indicators (Source: The World Bank)

adobe-pdf-logo Country Profile Data Sheets (Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica)

youtube-logo Globalization I - Upside Crash Course [Video]

youtube-logo Globalization II - Good or Bad? Crash Course [Video]

Project Schedule

Wednesday 3/28 - Introduce project, get into groups (assign roles) and choose a country

Thursday 3/29 - Project work day in-class

Monday 4/2 - Project work day in-class (after MCAS)

Tuesday 4/3 - Project work day in-class (after MCAS)

Wednesday 4/4 - Project work day in-class (after MCAS)

Thursday 4/5 - Project work day in-class (after MCAS)

Friday 4/6 - Project work day in-class (after MCAS)

Monday 4/9 - Project is DUE and presentations begin!

Tuesday 4/10 - Presentations conclude


Humanities 7 – Sample Monsoon Asia Country Research Project


Humanities 7 – Homework – Mar 27


Today in class, students discussed the benefits and costs of globalization by doing a group reading and discussion of the textbook chapter titled "The Global Sneaker: From Asia to Everywhere."

microsoft_word_logo Globalization: The Challenge to America (Source: The New York Times)

adobe-pdf-logo The Global Sneaker Reading (Source: Geography Alive!)

Homework - p. 44 - Read the article "Globalization: The Challenge to America" on the class website, then on a separate sheet (tape onto page 44 of your notebook) answer the Reading Understanding Questions in COMPLETE sentences below:

1) Based on the title, what does Friedman seem to think about globalization?

2) Why are American companies hiring Indians to be call center employees? Explain at least two reasons.

3) What does the author most likely mean when he states that “Boston, Bangalore, and Beijing became next-door neighbors overnight?”

4) Based on paragraph 19, how does the author suggest that China has changed?

5) Based on the reading, come up with your own definitions for the following terms:


free market


Humanities 7 – Homework – Mar 26


Today in class, students debriefed how the China One Child Policy Debate went by having a whole class discussion. Students also examined how globalization works by following the journey of a dollar from the United States around the world and taking lecture notes.

microsoft_word_logo  Journey Of A Dollar Lecture Notes (Student Handout)

adobe-pdf-logo Journey Of A Dollar Lecture Notes (Presentation Slides)

microsoft_word_logo Globalization Crash Course Videos Understanding Questions

youtube-logo Globalization Crash Course Part I: The Upside

youtube-logo Globalization Crash Course Part II: Good Or Bad?

Homework - Watch the two videos from the Crash Course World History series on Globalization (Part I: The Upside, and Part II: Good Or Bad?) and then answer the corresponding understanding questions for each video on your handout.



Globalization I – The Upside Crash Course [Video]


Globalization II – Good Or Bad? Crash Course [Video]


Humanities 7 – One Child Policy Debate Reflection Survey


Humanities 7 – Homework – Mar 23


Today in class, students concluded the China One Child Policy Debate by doing the final rounds of questioning of each of the options, and giving the closing statements. Students had some time to debrief the debate and discuss how evidence and analysis were used throughout to make persuasive arguments.

 One Child Policy Debate Reflection

Homework - Complete the One Child Policy Debate Reflection by answering the all of the questions reflecting on some key questions from the debate, and by reflecting on how the debate went for you and your team members.


Humanities 7 – Unit 5 China One Child Policy Debate


Unit 5 - China's One Child Policy Debate

In this unit, you will consider the implications of China’s “One Child Policy.” The one-child policy has its supporters and its opponents. On which side do you stand? In this debate you will examine several documents. The documents cannot tell the whole story, but they do provide an introduction. As a group you will present a recommendation to the President of the Communist Party, and ultimately answer the question – China’s one-child policy: Was it a good idea?


microsoft_word_logo China One Child Policy Debate Overview

microsoft_word_logo China's One Child Policy Debate Preparation

adobe-pdf-logo Debate Preparation Documents

Additional Resources

link World of 7 Billion 

adobe-pdf-logo Seven Billion and Counting Background Reading (Source: World of 7 Billion)

youtube-logo Democracy, Authoritarian Capitalism, and China: Crash Course [Video]

youtube-logo Population, Sustainability and Malthus: Crash Course [Video]

link How China's One-Child Policy Led To Forced Abortions, 30 Million Bachelors (Source: WBUR)

link Here’s Why China’s One-Child Policy Was A Good Thing (Source: Boston Globe)

Debate Schedule

Friday 3/16 - Introduce project, get into groups (assign roles) and choose an option

Monday 3/19 - Continue debate preparation

Tuesday 3/20 - Complete debate preparation

Wednesday 3/21 - Debate begins, groups make opening statements, continues with rounds of questioning

Thursday - 3/22 - SNOW DAY

Friday 3/23 - Debate concludes with final rounds of questioning and closing statements


Humanities 7 – Homework – Mar 16


Today in class, students assessed their knowledge of the unit vocabulary and the names of countries in Monsoon Asia by taking the Unit 5 Quiz. After the quiz, in the remaining class time students were introduced to the goals of the One Child Policy Debate and groups began to assign roles and tasks.

microsoft_word_logo China One Child Policy Debate Overview

microsoft_word_logo China One Child Policy Debate Preparation

Homework - Continue working on the Debate Preparation Handout by completing the sections not already finished. The handout must be completed by Tuesday in-class for credit.