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The Boston Project Capstone – Preparing The Presentation

The Boston Capstone Project - Preparing The Presentation

Now that you have completed the research on your two variables, both in understanding the problems facing Boston, and how different places in the world (or times in history) have worked to solve your particular problems, you will now prepare a group presentation that will made to ACTUAL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS from Boston! Use the links below to get started.

microsoft_word_logo Graphic Organizer Presentation Preparation Sheet

ppt_icon Final Boston Presentation [Template]

adobe-pdf-logo Presentation Checklist

Research Links

adobe-pdf-logo Variables Affecting Boston Today

adobe-pdf-logo Imagine Boston 2030 Expanding Opportunity [Complete Report] (Source: City of Boston)

microsoft_word_logo Education Research Links

microsoft_word_logo Income Inequality Research Links

microsoft_word_logo Transportation Research Links

microsoft_word_logo Sea Level Rise/Climate Change Research Links

microsoft_word_logo Affordable Housing Research Links

microsoft_word_logo Gun Violence Research Links



Humanities 7 – Flashcards – Study For Next Week’s Final Exam!


Humanities 7 – Final Reflection [Extra Credit]


Humanities 7 Final Reflection

Now that you have concluded your first year at Boston Latin Academy, you will use this week to reflect on your accomplishments, what you have learned in Humanities, and the lessons and skills that you will take with you. This Final Reflection will have three components, and will added as extra points towards your Term 4 grade.


microsoft_word_logo Letter To A Future BLA Sixie

microsoft_word_logo Best Accomplishments

microsoft_word_logo Final Reflection Cover Page

Submit Your Final Reflection

Deadline: Thursday 6/22 - Print your Final Reflection (All Three Components - Cover Page, Letter To A Future 7th Grader, and Best Accomplishments) and Submit to Mr. V