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Humanities 7 – Homework – Jan 11

Fort Apollonia

Today in class, students worked in groups to prepare for the Unit 4 Ghana Slave Memorial Debate by completing various steps of the project collaboratively.

Homework - Work towards completing the Debate Preparation Handout (on page 45 of your notebook). Each step of the process is worth 10 classwork points!

Reminder - You have a CLOSED-notebook quiz on the map of Africa (the names of the countries) on Friday January 15th.


Civics – Final Jeopardy Review


Today in class, students reviewed for the Final Exam by playing Jeopardy in teams.

Didn't get a chance to play? Play now!

Homework - The Finals Review Study Packet is due on Thursday June 19th! The  Final Exam is also on Thursday!


Civics – Final Review


This week in class, students will be studying and reviewing for the Final Exam (scheduled for June 19th, in-class). Students will be asked to complete a variety of study strategies that we have practice throughout the year - completing these assignments will ensure that you are prepared for the Final Exam!

1)  Finals Review Study Packet 2014

2)  Quizlet Finals Matching Review (print out your score for EXTRA CREDIT!)

There are a possible 100 points to earn in this Final Exam Review (the points will be added to your TERM 4 GRADE). See what we will be working on each day in-class:

Civics Final Review Schedule

Tuesday June 10 - Multiple Choice Questions Practice, Review Units 1 & 2

Wednesday June 11 - Multiple Choice Questions Practice, Political Cartoon Analysis

Thursday June 12 - Multiple Choice Questions Practice, Review Units 3 & 4, Jeopardy Review

Friday June 13 - Open Response Practice (Close Reading and DBQ), Jeopardy Review

Wednesday June 18 - Review Units 5 & 6

Thursday June 19 - Final Exam (Multiple Choice, Close Reading)


Civics – Flashcards – Use These to Study for Next Thursday’s Final!


Civics – Unit 6 Public Service Announcement Mini-Project

Untitled drawing (1)

Today in class, students began working on the Unit 6 Public Service Announcement Mini-Project. The goal of this project is to educate others about the school-to-prison pipeline, our criminal justice system, our juvenile justice system (or how juveniles are sometimes tried as adults), the private-prison system, crime statistics in Boston, or how to deal with the police by creating an public service announcement (PSA)/advertisement. To begin the project, download the project handout below:

adobe-pdf-logo Unit 6 Advertisement Directions

This project is due on Monday June 9th! Submit the final copy of your PSA/advertisement using the link below:

link Submit your final Unit 6 Advertisement Project HERE.


Civics Homework – Jun 4


Today in class, students assessed the organization of their Interactive Student Notebooks by taking a Notebook Quiz (on p. 34-70).

Homework - There is NO new HW tonight!


Civics Homework – Jun 3


Today in class, students expanded their understanding of the school-to-prison pipeline by researching the facts and statistics of spending on education and incarceration in the United States. Check out the entire report from the NAACP below:

 Misplaced Priorities: A New Report from NAACP

Homework - Imagine you are in charge of the Boston Public Schools, and you have just been awarded $1 million to spend on education programs in the city for next year - design the programs that you think will best help to prevent students from dropping out of school and ending up int he criminal justice system (10 sentences).

To see what students in each section researched today, click "Continue Reading" below.


Civics – Set Up (Video)

Set Up from Jose Valenzuela on Vimeo.


Civics Homework – Jun 2


Today in class, students began to define the school-to-prison pipeline and explain its consequences by watching a short film on the high school "dropout" crisis, and by reading an article.

Homework  - Fixing discipline at TBA - What needs to change at TBA to make sure our school is not part of the school-to-prison pipeline? What does our school already do well to make sure that doesn't happen? (10 sentences)


Civics Homework – May 30


Today in class, students completed watching the film Juvies and discussed the consequences for trying juveniles as adults in the criminal justice system.

Homework - p. 74 - Write a letter to the Governor of California (Jerry Brown) explaining to him the film we watched in class, the juveniles we saw in the film, and what your thoughts on the film are - at least 10 sentences!

For an EXTRA HW STAMP, you can write an additional letter to Governor Jerry Brown telling him whether or not you support Duc's release from prison (Duc is up for parole this year, October 2012 - the last time he was up for parole he was denied). Your extra letter should be at least 10 sentences!