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Humanities 7 – Homework – May 31


Today in class, students explained the various responses to the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe by beginning their research of an assigned European country.

microsoft_word_logo Unit 7 Model EU Debate Instructions

microsoft_word_logo My EU Nation Fact Sheet

Homework - p. 53 - Complete the My EU Nation Fact Sheet based on your assigned EU country. This is the first step of the Unit 7 Model EU Debate Project.

 Research Links

link EU Member Country Profiles (Source:

link BBC News Country Profiles (Source: BBC News)

link The World Factbook (Source: CIA)

adobe-pdf-logo Three Main Citizenships Granted Protection Status in the EU 2016 (Source: Eurostat)


Humanities 7 – Homework – May 30


Today in class, students had the opportunity to expand on their understanding of how the Syrian Civil War (2011-present) has created a regional refugee crisis by reading several stories of refugees and mapping their journeys from their countries of origin to their host countries.

adobe-pdf-logo Refugee Stories: Mapping A Crisis

adobe-pdf-logo Mapping One Refugee's Journey

microsoft_word_logo Two Faces of the Refugee Crisis in Europe

link Bulgaria & Sweden: Two Faces of the Refugee Crisis in Europe
(Source: European Union)

Homework - p. 50 - Read the stories of the refugees fleeing Syria into two European countries (Bulgaria and Sweden) and complete the worksheet titled Two Faces of the Refugee Crisis in Europe.


Humanities 7 – Homework – May 29

refugee camp

Today in class, student explained how the conflict in Syria has created a regional refugee crisis in Southwest Asia and Europe.

microsoft_word_logo Choose Your Escape Route Reflection

link Syrian Journey - Choose Your Own Escape Route (Source: BBC)

ppt_icon Powerpoint on Syrian Refugee Crisis (Source:

youtube-logo The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

youtube-logo Most Shocking Second A Day Video

Homework - p. 49 - Complete the Choose Your Escape Route handout/reflection by going through the journey and watching the videos at the end about the stories of the journeys of Syrian refugees fleeing the violence in their home country and escaping to Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and eventually Europe. The video can be watched here.


The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained


Most Shocking Second a Day Video


Humanities 7 – Homework – May 25


Today in class, students assessed their knowledge of the Unit 7 Vocabulary terms and the countries of Europe and Russia by taking a quiz. After the quiz, students had an opportunity to present their research on the continuing Syrian Civil War by completing a graphic organizer.

Homework - There is no new HW - enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend!


Humanities 7 – Homework – May 24


Today in class, students examined the underlying causes and effects of the Syrian conflict from 2011 to the present by researching news articles on the topic.

adobe-pdf-logo Conflict in Syria Group Research

adobe-pdf-logo Conflict in Syria Graphic Organizer

Resource Link For Groups 1, 2, 3 and 4:

link The Confused Person's Guide to the Syrian Civil War (Source: The Atlantic)

Resource Links for Groups 1, 3 and 4:

link Syria’s Crisis and Global Response (Source: Council on Foreign Relations)

link Al Jazeera: The Syrian Squeeze (Source: Al Jazeera)

Additional Resource Links:

link What Is Happening in Syria? (Source: BBC News)

link Syria Regional Refugee Response (Source: UN Refugee Agency)

link Syria (Source: The New York Times)

Homework - p. 46 - Read the comic book "What is the role of climate change in the conflict in Syria?" When you are finished, on a separate sheet of paper, write a reflection of 10 sentences on how this conflict could have been avoided.


The Role Of Climate Change In The Conflict In Syria [Graphic Novel]


Humanities 7 – Unit 7 Flashcards – Study For This Friday’s Quiz


Humanities 7 – Europe Flashcards – Study For This Friday’s Quiz