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Humanities 7 – Final Flashcards – Study For Next Week’s Exam!


Humanities 7 – Final Exam Review


Humanities 7 Final Exam Review

This week, students will spend five days preparing with Mr. V and their classmates for the Humanities 7 Final Exam. The final schedule (posted below) begins on Tuesday 6/19 until Friday 6/22, with final exam make ups scheduled for Monday 6/25. The review for the final exam will be counted as part of your final exam grade, so make sure to complete each step for full credit!


adobe-pdf-logo Finals Review Study Packet

microsoft_word_logo Final Exam Review Cover Page

adobe-pdf-logo Final Map Review Handout

microsoft_word_logo Final Review Debate Concept Map

microsoft_word_logo Final Review Regional Comparison Chart

adobe-pdf-logo BLA Final Exam Schedule

Review Games and Study Links

link Final Exam Review Flashcards (Source: Quizlet)

link Latin America Map Practice Quiz

link Africa Map Practice Quiz

link Monsoon Asia Map Practice Quiz

link SWC Asia Map Practice Quiz

link Europe and Russia Map Practice Quiz

link Final Exam Jeopardy Review Game

 youtube-logo "Tap the World!" Countries and Territories of the World [Video]

Final Exam Review Schedule

Tuesday 6/12 - Introduce Final Exam Review Packet and Final Exam Review

Friday 6/15 - Final Exam Review

Monday 6/18 - Final Exam Review

Tuesday 6/19 - Final Exam for Section 3 and 5

Wednesday 6/20 - Final Exam for Section 4

Thursday 6/21 - Final Exam for Sections 1 and 2

Friday 6/22 - Final Presentations of the Boston Capstone Project (All Students)

Monday 6/25 - Make Up Day for Final Exams

Wednesday 6/27 and Thursday 6/28 - Early Release Days (10:45 AM) and Final Days of School!


Humanities 7 – Unit 6 Fahrenheit 451 Interdisciplinary Project

Unit 6 - Fahrenheit 451 and I Am Malala Interdisciplinary Project

In this project, inspired by the books Fahrenheit 451 and I Am Malala (or Maus for students that have Mr. K for ELA), students will create either an (1) essay or a (2) creative piece (i.e. art, poetry, creative writing, a cartoon, dance, song, rap, video, photography exhibit, slideshow, skit, script, play, extra research about a topic in the book(s), community project idea/plan, etc.) that will help our class understand, apply, and learn from the texts on a deeper level. The creative pieces will be presented to the class in Ms. M and Mr. V’s classes between 5/17-5/22 (see complete schedule below). Students that have Mr. K will present the following week (5/21). You can get started by using the links below.


microsoft_word_logo Fahrenheit 451 and I Am Malala Interdisciplinary Project Overview

microsoft_word_logo Important Quotes from I Am Malala and He Named Me Malala

microsoft_word_logo Whole School Written Communication Rubric (BLA)

microsoft_word_logo Fahrenheit 451 and I Am Malala Presentations Chart

Additional Resources

link The Malala Fund

adobe-pdf-logo Timeline of Events in I Am Malala

Project Schedule

Monday 5/14 - Introduce project in ELA class, finish reading I Am Malala in Humanities class

Tuesday 5/15 - Project work day in ELA class, watch He Named Me Malala film in Humanities class

Wednesday 5/16 - Project work day in ELA class, finish watching He Named Me Malala film in Humanities class

Thursday 5/17 - Presentations begin in ELA class, in Humanities class students may continue project work

Friday 5/18 - Presentations continue in ELA class, in Humanities class students may continue project work

Monday 5/21 - Presentations conclude in Humanities class

Tuesday 5/22 - All projects must be submitted for students that have Ms. Marshall for ELA

Wednesday 5/23 - All projects must be submitted for students that have Mr. Korzeniowski for ELA


Humanities 7 – Homework – May 16


Today in class, students finished watching the documentary film He Named Me Malala and took notes while watching the film. Students who do not have Ms. Marshall were also introduced to the Fahrenheit 451 and I Am Malala Interdisciplinary Project for ELA and Humanities. This project will count as a grade in both classes.

microsoft_word_logo Fahrenheit 451 and I Am Malala Interdisciplinary Project Overview

link Malala Returns to Pakistan for First Time Since Attack (Source: AlJazeera)

youtube-logo Malala Returns to Pakistan [Video] (Source: The Guardian)

Homework - There is no new HW tonight. Students that have Ms. Marshall for ELA should continue working on the ELA/Humanities Project. Students that have Mr. K should brainstorm ideas for the Interdisciplinary Project tonight. All students will use class time in Humanities to work on the project.


Humanities 7 – Homework – May 15


Today in class, students began watching the documentary film He Named Me Malala and took notes while watching the film

adobe-pdf-logo Malala's Speech at the United Nations

microsoft_word_logo He Named Me Malala Film Notes

youtube-logo Malala Yousafzai's Speech to the United Nations [2013]

Homework - p. 34 - Read the speech (or watch the speech here) given by Malala at the United Nations. On page 34 of your notebook, answer the questions that follow the speech (in the link above) in at least 3-4 COMPLETE sentences per question.


Malala Yousafzai’s United Nations Speech 2013 [Video]


Humanities 7 – Homework – May 14


Today, Mr. V was not in school today, and in his absence, students completed the book I Am Malala by independently reading Chapters 28-35 and taking notes (facts, quotes, etc.) and analyzing their notes.

Homework - p. 32 - After having finished the book I Am Malala, using page 32 of your notebook, write a one-page reflection (use the WHOLE PAGE) on any thoughts you have on the book.


Humanities 7 – Homework – May 11


Today in class, students assessed their organization in Humanities class by taking a notebook quiz. Students also continued reading I Am Malala with an audiobook companion and discussing the themes and content of the book.

microsoft_word_logo We Should All Be Feminists Reflection

youtube-logo We Should All Be Feminists - TED Talk [Video]

Homework - p. 30 - Complete the reflection on the TED Talk given by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie titled "We Should All Be Feminists."


We Should All Be Feminists – TED Talk [Video]


Humanities 7 – Homework – May 10

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 8.37.18 AM

Today in class, students continued reading the memoir I Am Malala as a whole class along with the audiobook companion.

youtube-logo Making of Malala [Video] (Source: The New York Times)

Homework - p. 28 - Complete the reflection questions below based on what we have read so far in I Am Malala and the video "Making of Malala" which is linked above.

After watching the video "Making of Malala," answer the questions below on page 28 of your notebook:

1) Answer in one paragraph (at least 5+ sentences): Throughout the book I Am Malala, the protagonist Malala Yousafzai faces incredible danger and risk in speaking out against the Taliban. Do you think it's right for a 12 year-old girl to be so public about the fight for girls' education in what amounted to a war zone? Why or why not?

2) Answer in one paragraph (at least 5+ sentences): When Malala begins to speak out against the Taliban, she is the same age as many 7th graders here at BLA. Do you think that you would have the same courage as Malala to speak out against the Taliban? Why or why not?