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Humanities 7 – Final Flashcards – Study For Next Week’s Exam!


Humanities 7 – Final Exam Review


Humanities 7 Final Exam Review

This week, students will spend five days preparing with Mr. V and their classmates for the Humanities 7 Final Exam. The final schedule (posted below) begins on Tuesday 6/19 until Friday 6/22, with final exam make ups scheduled for Monday 6/25. The review for the final exam will be counted as part of your final exam grade, so make sure to complete each step for full credit!


adobe-pdf-logo Finals Review Study Packet

microsoft_word_logo Final Exam Review Cover Page

adobe-pdf-logo Final Map Review Handout

microsoft_word_logo Final Review Debate Concept Map

microsoft_word_logo Final Review Regional Comparison Chart

adobe-pdf-logo BLA Final Exam Schedule

Review Games and Study Links

link Final Exam Review Flashcards (Source: Quizlet)

link Latin America Map Practice Quiz

link Africa Map Practice Quiz

link Monsoon Asia Map Practice Quiz

link SWC Asia Map Practice Quiz

link Europe and Russia Map Practice Quiz

link Final Exam Jeopardy Review Game

 youtube-logo "Tap the World!" Countries and Territories of the World [Video]

Final Exam Review Schedule

Tuesday 6/12 - Introduce Final Exam Review Packet and Final Exam Review

Friday 6/15 - Final Exam Review

Monday 6/18 - Final Exam Review

Tuesday 6/19 - Final Exam for Section 3 and 5

Wednesday 6/20 - Final Exam for Section 4

Thursday 6/21 - Final Exam for Sections 1 and 2

Friday 6/22 - Final Presentations of the Boston Capstone Project (All Students)

Monday 6/25 - Make Up Day for Final Exams

Wednesday 6/27 and Thursday 6/28 - Early Release Days (10:45 AM) and Final Days of School!


Humanities 7 – Mid Year Student Survey


Humanities 7 – Homework – Jan 24


Today in class, students concluded their review of the Mid Term exam by using various study strategies, including a Jeopardy review.

microsoft_word_logo Mid Term Jeopardy Answer Sheet

link Mid Term Review Jeopardy Game

link Africa Map Practice Game

link Africa Map Practice Quiz (Source: LizardPoint)

link Countries of Africa Flashcards (Source: Quizlet)

Homework - Study for tomorrow's Mid Term Exam! Make sure you have all your pages of your notebook UP-TO-DATE to be submitted to Mr. Valenzuela.



Humanities 7 – Homework – Jan 23


Today in class, students began to get prepared for the Mid Term Exam (on Thursday 1/25) by practicing various study strategies.

adobe-pdf-logo Mid Term Quizlet Matching Review

link Africa Map Practice Game

link Africa Map Practice Quiz (Source: LizardPoint)

link Countries of Africa Flashcards (Source: Quizlet)

Homework - p. 56 - On a separate sheet of paper, create a fake test of 15 questions AND their answers on information from Units 3 & 4.


Humanities 7 – Mid Term Flashcards – Study For Thursday’s Test!


Humanities 7 – Unit 3 Student Survey


Humanities 7 – Homework – Dec 19

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 3.28.39 PM

Today in class, students had the opportunity to edit and review the writing of other students by completing a "publication celebration" in class. Students gave feedback and suggestions for improving each others' work, and had the opportunity to incorporate those changes before submitting by the deadline.

microsoft_word_logo Enrique's Journey Reflection

Homework - There are two parts to the homework. Make sure to complete both!

1) Submit the Immigration Policy Memo by the extended deadline of Tuesday December 19th by 5:00 PM on

2) Complete the Enrique's Journey Reflection handout (at least 10 sentences) on page 38 of your notebook.


Humanities 7 – Unit 3 Immigration Policy Memo Project

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 3.30.52 PM

Unit 3 Migration Policy Memo Project

In this unit, students have been studying about how migration works, and the difficulties some face while making the journey from Central America to the United States. The goals of the policy memo project are to: 1) learn how politicians and important policy makers get their information by crafting a policy memo; 2) educate others on the ongoing crisis of unaccompanied minors from Central America traveling to the United States; and 3) to think critically about solutions to real world problems in our world today.


microsoft_word_logo Immigration Policy Memo Instructions 

microsoft_word_logo Immigration Policy Memo Draft

microsoft_word_logo Immigration Policy Memo Template

ppt_icon In-Text Citation MLA Format (How To Guide)

Research Links

link The Refugees At Our Door (Source: The New York Times)

link No Country For Lost Kids (Source: PBS Newshour)

link Unaccompanied Children from Central America, One Year Later (Source: Huffington Post via Stateline)

link Why Don't They Just Get In Line? (Source: American Immigration Council)

link Fact Sheet: Unaccompanied Children from Central America (Source: The White House)

link Trump's Cruel Choice: Who Gets To Stay? (Source: The New York Times)

link How To Secure The Border: Spoiler Alert: A Wall Won't Do It (Source: Los Angeles Times)

link Children Traveling Solo Across U.S. Border Face Dangerous Trip (Source: NPR)


link How the Most Dangerous Place on Earth Got Safer (Source: The New York Times)

link How To Help (Source:

link Hope For Honduras (Source:

link Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) (Source:


Humanities 7 – Homework – Dec 11

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 3.30.52 PM

Today in class, students continued the readers workshop for Enrique's Journey in small groups.

microsoft_word_logo Enrique's Journey Epilogue and Afterward Notes

Homework - p. 33 - Read the Epilogue (p. 203-220) and Afterward (p. 221-242) of Enrique's Journey. When you are finished reading, complete the EJ Epilogue and Afterward Notes by taking notes on the facts and statistics that the author Sonia Nazario uses to back up her arguments about the problems with immigration in the United States today (10 total).

Reminder - Extra Credit Thursday 12/14 by staying after school with Mr. V to watch the film “Which Way Home.”