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Humanities 7 – Homework – Oct 3

Mission Hill Model Map

Today in class, students prepared for their Unit 1 Projects by reflecting on neighborhoods in Boston and explaining the directions for the upcoming Unit 1 Boston Neighborhoods Project.

microsoft_word_logo Boston Neighborhoods Project (Instructions)

Homework - p. 22 - Create a fake test (on a separate sheet of paper or directly on page 22) of 15 questions AND their answers about information on Unit 1.

Reminder - Study for your closed notebook quiz on Friday 10/6!


Humanities 7 – Homework – Oct 2


Today in class, students prepared for their Unit 1 Project by previewing and reflecting on their knowledge of neighborhoods in Boston.

microsoft_word_logo Boston Neighborhoods Intro

microsoft_word_logo Boston History Articles

Homework - p. 20 - Complete the Boston History Articles by reading and annotating the articles with at least FIVE (5) comments and/or questions EACH!


Humanities 7 – Unit 1 Flashcards – Study For Friday’s Quiz!


Humanities 7 – Homework – Sept 29


Today in class, students assessed their organization in Humanities thus far and the organization of their Interactive Student Notebooks by completing an open-notebook quiz.

adobe-pdf-logo Tools of Geography Reading

adobe-pdf-logo Seeing the World as a Geographer Reading

microsoft_word_logo Intro to Mapping Study Guide

Homework - p. 19 - Complete the Unit 1 Study Guide handout. Use your notebook and the pages of the textbook in the links above to complete your homework.


Humanities 7 – Notebook Check In – Sept 28


Humanities 7 – Homework – Sept 27

"Ecker VI projection SW" by Strebe - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

Today in class, students examined the use of scale and projection in map making by observing and analyzing various types of map projections.

microsoft_word_logo Projection Maps Gallery Walk Chart

microsoft_word_logo Gallery Walk of Map Projections

Homework - p. 16 - On a separate sheet of paper, explain which map is the most accurate from what you saw in class today and WHY – make sure to accurately use the vocabulary from this unit so far (scale, projection, distortion) – your reflection should be at least 10 sentences.


Humanities 7 – The World Through Maps: A History of Cartography


Humanities 7 – Homework – Sept 26


Today in class, students described the purposes of maps and its different uses by completing a reading and discussing "The Language of Maps" in groups.

microsoft_word_logo The Language of Maps Handout

adobe-pdf-logo The World Through Maps: A History of Cartography

microsoft_word_logo Orientation and Grid Handout

Homework - p. 14 - Complete the Orientation and Grid Handout by completing the reading of The World Through Maps pages 14-15 and 20-23, and then answering the questions on your handout in complete sentences.


Humanities 7 – The Boston Neighborhoods Survey


Humanities 7 – Homework – Sept 25


Today in class, students began our new unit called "Unit 1 Introduction to Mapping and Boston," by describing the ways in which geographers see the world. Students completed a reading from the textbook Geography Alive! in pairs with discussion questions.

adobe-pdf-logo Seeing the World as a Geographer Reading

microsoft_word_logo Seeing the World Like a Geographer Questions

Homework - Complete the survey on the class website.

Reminder -  You have a NOTEBOOK QUIZ on Friday 9/29 on pages 1-12 of your Interactive Student Notebook. Make sure all of your pages and Table of Contents are up-to-date!