Mr. Valenzuela

Humanities 7 – Homework – Nov 8


Today in class, students assessed their knowledge of content in Humanities from the entire term by taking the Term 1 Test.

Homework - There is NO new homework tonight! The term ends TOMORROW, so any missing work must be turned into Mr. Valenzuela by tomorrow at the latest.

Make sure to bring in a new one-subject notebook to set up for Term 2 in-class on Monday 11/13.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Nov 7


Today in class, students reviewed what they have learned in Humanities during this term, in preparation for their Term 1 Test on Wednesday 11/8, by completing a review game in groups.

link Humanities 7 Term 1 Jeopardy Review

link Quizlet: Term 1 Flashcards

Homework - Study for your Term 1 Test TOMORROW!


Humanities 7 – Term 1 Flashcards – Study For Wednesday’s Test!


Humanities 7 – Unit 1 Student Survey


Humanities 7 – Homework – Oct 16


Today in class, students assessed the organization of their Interactive Student Notebooks in Humanities by taking a notebook quiz. Students also submitted their notebooks to Mr. V to be graded on their organization, content, and neatness. After the quiz, students completed their discussion on whether Boston is a segregated city or not.

 Maps On "Is Boston Segregated?" Activity

microsoft_word_logo Is Boston Segregated? Understanding Questions

microsoft_word_logo Unit 2 Vocabulary Chart

Homework - The homework tonight is worth TWO stamps! Make sure to complete both for credit:

1) Complete the Unit 1 Student Survey.

2) Complete the Unit 2 Vocabulary Chart

Reminder  - You have a CLOSED notebook quiz (on the Unit 2 vocab) on Friday 10/20.


Humanities 7 – Notebook Check In – Oct 13


Humanities 7 – Homework – Oct 13


Today in class, students reflected on the Boston Neighborhood Projects and decided whether Boston is a segregated city or not by investigating and analyzing various maps.

 Maps On "Is Boston Segregated?" Activity

microsoft_word_logo Is Boston Segregated? Understanding Questions

microsoft_word_logo Boston Reflection Handout

Homework - p. 30 - Complete the Boston Reflection Handout by responding the prompt in at least 10 sentences.

Reminder - You now have your Notebook Quiz (pages 12-23) on Monday 10/16!


Humanities 7 – Homework – Oct 12


Today in class, students concluded the last presentations from the Boston Neighborhoods Project.

microsoft_word_logo Boston Neighborhoods WebQuest

link Boston Zoning Viewer (Source: Boston Planning and Development Agency)

link Boston Census and Demographic Maps (Source: Boston Planning and Development Agency)

Homework - p. 29 - Complete the Boston Neighborhoods WebQuest handout by using the links above to answer the questions.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Oct 10


Today in class, students began presenting with groups to the whole class on their assigned neighborhood thematic maps. Students in the audience took notes during each presentation.

microsoft_word_logo Boston Neighborhoods Presentations Chart

microsoft_word_logo Boston Neighborhoods Map Rubric

Homework - p. 24 - In your notebook, on page 24, reflect on what you have learned about each of the neighborhoods of Boston presented today in class by writing a summary of the information. Your summary must be 10+ sentences, and include at least one piece of information from each of the neighborhoods presented today.

Reminder - You have a notebook quiz on pages 12-23 on Friday 10/10!


Humanities 7 – Homework – Oct 6


Today in class, students assessed their knowledge of Unit 1 vocabulary, mapping basics, and various map projections that we have learned so far in Unit 1 by taking a quiz. After the quiz, students met in small groups to complete their thematic maps for their assigned neighborhoods for the Unit 1 Project.

Homework - Complete the Unit 1 Project this weekend and be prepared to present with your group on Tuesday 10/10 or Wednesday 10/11!