Mr. Valenzuela

Humanities 7 – Homework – Jan 10


Today in class, students assessed their knowledge of the vocabulary of Unit 4.1 so far and the names of the countries of Africa by taking a closed notebook quiz.

Homework - Use the class website to explore what the different forts of Ghana looked like, then complete the survey on the class website.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Jan 9

Elmina Castle

Today in class, students defined what a memorial is and described why they are built in order to prepare them for the Unit 4.1 Ghana Memorial Project.

microsoft_word_logo What Are Memorials Handout

adobe-pdf-logo Traditional Memorials

adobe-pdf-logo Spontaneous Memorials

link Memory, History, Memorials - Facing History

Homework - p. 44 - Read about Mr. Valenzuela's trip to Ghana in 2011. Read both the summary of the trip and the journal entries while he was there. On a separate sheet of paper, write a summary (who, what, where, when, and why) of what you learned about Mr. Valenzuela's trip to Ghana in 2011, must be at least 10 sentences.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Jan 8


Today in class, students discussed the problems associated with discussing Africa as one place, instead of a region with 55 countries, with 2,000-3,000 languages spoken, and many different ethnicities and cultures.

youtube-logo Spot The Africa (Source: Comedy Central)

youtube-logo The Danger of a Single Story (Source: Ted Talk)

youtube-logo Africa Is Not A Country (Source: Al Jazeera)

microsoft_word_logo The Danger of a Single Story Reflection

link Africa Map Practice Game

Homework - p. 42 - Complete the reflection handout, must be at least 10 sentences.

Reminder - You have a closed-notebook quiz on Friday 1/11 on the Unit 4.1 Vocabulary and the names of the countries in Africa (#1-27 on your blank map of the region).


Humanities 7 – Homework – Jan 7

Wood carvers in Awiaa's village workshop creating traditional stools

Today in class, students described the background on the region of Africa by completing a background information worksheet on the region.

microsoft_word_logo Africa Background Notes

adobe-pdf-logo Introducing the Region: Africa

link Africa Map Practice Game

Homework - p. 40 - Write a letter to a friend (at least 10 sentences) that explains what you learned in class today on the background of Africa.


Humanities 7 – Unit 4.1 Flashcards – Study For Friday’s Quiz


Humanities 7 – Homework – Jan 6


Today in class, students reflected on Unit 3 and Enrique's Journey by having a whole class discussion. Students also were able to preview the next unit of study Unit 4.1 "The Memory of Enslavement" by learning the vocabulary words for the unit and going over a map of Africa.

microsoft_word_logo Unit 4 Memory of Enslavement Vocabulary Chart

adobe-pdf-logo Blank Africa Map

Homework - p. 38-39 - Complete the Unit 4.1 Vocabulary Chart (must be NEAT and COLORFUL) and fill in all of the country names for our new region of the world Africa. Each homework is worth one HW stamp each.


Humanities 7 – Unit 3 Student Survey


Humanities 7 – Homework – Dec 16

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 3.30.52 PM

Today in class, students assessed their knowledge of the book Enrique's Journey by taking a quiz on the book. After the quiz, students continued the readers workshop on Enrique's Journey by reading and taking notes on the facts in the Epilogue and Afterward of the book.

microsoft_word_logo Enrique's Journey Epilogue and Afterward Notes

Homework - p. 35 - Complete the book by reading the Epilogue (p. 203-220) and the Afterward (p. 221-242) and then completing the EJ Epilogue/Afterward Notes with facts and statistics from what you have read (at least 10 in total).


Humanities 7 – Homework – Dec 13

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 3.16.28 PM

Today in class, assessed what they have learned so far from reading Enrique's Journey. Then students continued the readers workshop for Enrique's Journey in small groups. Students also explored what the border between the United States and Mexico currently looks like by doing an investigation of a couple of links.

ppt_icon Reading Discussion Questions Instructions (How-To-Guide)

link Borderline (Source: Washington Post)

link Borderland (Source: NPR)

Homework - p. 33 - Read Chapter 9 (pages 169-194) of Enrique's Journey and create eight (8) discussion questions on page 33 of your notebook.


How Corporations Profit From Border Militarization [Video]