Mr. Valenzuela

FHAO Race and Membership: Teacher Resources


1) The Individual and Society

 FHAO Race+Membership Individual and Society Seminar

microsoft_word_logo Defining Identity

youtube-logo I Am Not My Hair Song

microsoft_word_logo I Am Not My Hair Lyrics

adobe-pdf-logo Little Things Are Big

2) Why Differences Matter

link A Class Divided

microsoft_word_logo Your America Metaphor Handout

 FHAO Race+Membership Why Differences Matter Seminar

3) Science and the Invention of Race

microsoft_word_logo Science and the Invention of Race Jigsaw

link Understanding Race - Who Is White?

 FHAO Race+Membership Science of Race Seminar

link RaceBox (US Census Race Questions from 1790-2010)

4) Slavery Without Chains: Segregation and Jim Crow

link The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (PBS)

adobe-pdf-logo Segregation Primary Sources Packet A

adobe-pdf-logo Segregation Primary Sources Packet B

adobe-pdf-logo Segregation Primary Sources Packet C

youtube-logo Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Consequences of Plessy Video

 FHAO Race+Membership Slavery Without Chains: Segregation and Jim Crow Seminar

5) Road to Brown v. Board of Education

 FHAO Race+Membership Road to Brown Seminar

microsoft_word_logo Classifying Arguments for Each Side of the Case

microsoft_word_logo Instructions for Legal Strategies of the NAACPedia

 Legal Strategies of the NAACPedia Master Slides

 Plessy v. Ferguson (model slide)

link Charles Hamilton Houston (research link)

link Thurgood Marshall (research link)

link The NAACP (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Buchanan v. Warley (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Gaines v. Canada (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Mendez v. Westminster (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Sweatt v. Painter (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Henderson v. United States (research link)

6) Boston School Desegregation Through Busing

 FHAO Race+Membership Boston School Desegregation Through Busing

youtube-logo Eyes on the Prize ("Keys to the Kingdom") Video

youtube-logo Beyond Brown: Pursuing the Promise Video

link This American Life - The Problem We Live With (Audio) Part I and Part II

link Boston School Desegregation And Busing: A Timeline Of Events

 link "It Was Like A 'War Zone': Busing In Boston" (WBUR)

 link "American Schools Are More Segregated Now Than They Were In 1968, And The Supreme Court Doesn’t Care" (Think Progress)


Civics Homework – Mar 25


Today in class, students continued to review what they have learned during Unity 4 by completing a study guide in partner groups.

microsoft_word_logo Unit 4 Study Guide

Homework - p. 24 - Complete the Unit 4 Study Guide tonight. For extra credit, write a "Top 10 List" of things you learned during Unit 4 ("I learned...") on a separate sheet of paper. Study for the Unit 4 Test tomorrow!


Civics – Unit 4 Flashcards – Review for Wednesday’s Test!


Civics Homework – Mar 24


Today in class, students reviewed what they have learned during Unit 4 by using study strategies, including playing a Jeopardy review game in groups.

Homework - p. 22 - Write a 6+ sentence note about how you have been studying for the Unit 4 Test on Wednesday 3/26 (i.e. studying flashcards, playing the online flashcard games, independent notes review and highlighting notebook, quizzing with a friend, etc.)


Civics Homework – Mar 19


Today in class, students assessed the organization of their Interactive Notebooks in Civics class by completing a Notebook Quiz.

Homework - There is NO new HW tonight - get some good sleep in preparation for tomorrow's ELA MCAS test!


Civics Homework – Mar 18


Today in class, students assessed their knowledge of the Bill of Rights (and the amendments beyond the Bill of Rights) by completing various study strategies.

microsoft_word_logo Amendments Matching Review

adobe-pdf-logo Unit 4 Political Cartoon Analysis

adobe-pdf-logo Testing Unit 4 Quizlet Review

Homework - p. 20 - Complete the Testing Unit 4 Quizlet Review Handout. Update your notebook (p. 1-17) - there is a Notebook Quiz tomorrow!


Civics – Beyond the Bill of Rights

13th amendment

Today and tomorrow Mr. V will not be in class (attending his grandmother's memorial service), so students will be working over the next two days to describe the major amendments added to the Constitution after the Bill of Rights by completing a station rotation activity on the 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 24th and 26th Amendments.

microsoft_word_logo Beyond the Bill of Rights Station Rotation Handout

link Beyond the Bill of Rights Station Rotation Gallery

Homework - p. 18 - Write a letter to a friend explaining the amendments beyond the Bill of Rights that you learned about in class today - at least 10 sentences!


Civics – Anatomy of a Bad Confession


Today in class, students explained how police interrogations work by watching the forced confession of teenager Nga Truong (from 2008 in Worcester County, Mass). Download the class notes and the class PowerPoint below:

microsoft_word_logo Anatomy of a Bad Confession Notes

ppt_icon Anatomy of a Bad Confession PowerPoint

Homework - p. 16 - Write a letter to a friend explaining what you learned in class today (10 sentences)!

[You can read the full report on Nga Truong's court case (via WBUR): Part 1 and Part 2]


Civics Homework – Mar 10

Ernesto Miranda

Today in class, students explained the Miranda rights by briefing and analyzing the court case Miranda v. Arizona (1966).

microsoft_word_logo Miranda v Arizona Case Background

Homework - p. 14 - Complete the Miranda Rights Poster - neat AND colorful!


Civics – 4th Amendment Extra Credit Assignment


After reading and discussing the Supreme Court case New Jersey v. TLO, students can earn extra credit by reading the Dissenting Opinion (written by Justice Brennan, who agreed with "TLO.") When you finish, answer the questions at the end - they should be written in 1-2 COMPLETE sentences. Post your answers as a "comment" at the end of this post, or writing them out on a separate sheet of paper.

These questions are due by Wednesday March 19, 2014.

Click "continue reading" below to start reading the Dissenting Opinion.