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FHAO Race and Membership: Teacher Resources


1) The Individual and Society

 FHAO Race+Membership Individual and Society Seminar

microsoft_word_logo Defining Identity

youtube-logo I Am Not My Hair Song

microsoft_word_logo I Am Not My Hair Lyrics

adobe-pdf-logo Little Things Are Big

2) Why Differences Matter

link A Class Divided

microsoft_word_logo Your America Metaphor Handout

 FHAO Race+Membership Why Differences Matter Seminar

3) Science and the Invention of Race

microsoft_word_logo Science and the Invention of Race Jigsaw

link Understanding Race - Who Is White?

 FHAO Race+Membership Science of Race Seminar

link RaceBox (US Census Race Questions from 1790-2010)

4) Slavery Without Chains: Segregation and Jim Crow

link The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (PBS)

adobe-pdf-logo Segregation Primary Sources Packet A

adobe-pdf-logo Segregation Primary Sources Packet B

adobe-pdf-logo Segregation Primary Sources Packet C

youtube-logo Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Consequences of Plessy Video

 FHAO Race+Membership Slavery Without Chains: Segregation and Jim Crow Seminar

5) Road to Brown v. Board of Education

 FHAO Race+Membership Road to Brown Seminar

microsoft_word_logo Classifying Arguments for Each Side of the Case

microsoft_word_logo Instructions for Legal Strategies of the NAACPedia

 Legal Strategies of the NAACPedia Master Slides

 Plessy v. Ferguson (model slide)

link Charles Hamilton Houston (research link)

link Thurgood Marshall (research link)

link The NAACP (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Buchanan v. Warley (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Gaines v. Canada (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Mendez v. Westminster (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Sweatt v. Painter (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Henderson v. United States (research link)

6) Boston School Desegregation Through Busing

 FHAO Race+Membership Boston School Desegregation Through Busing

youtube-logo Eyes on the Prize ("Keys to the Kingdom") Video

youtube-logo Beyond Brown: Pursuing the Promise Video

link This American Life - The Problem We Live With (Audio) Part I and Part II

link Boston School Desegregation And Busing: A Timeline Of Events

 link "It Was Like A 'War Zone': Busing In Boston" (WBUR)

 link "American Schools Are More Segregated Now Than They Were In 1968, And The Supreme Court Doesn’t Care" (Think Progress)


Civics Homework – Nov 8

test today

Today in class, students assessed their knowledge of voting and elections by taking a Unit Test.

Homework - Buy a new 1-subject notebook - we will be setting up our new notebooks for Term 2 on Tuesday 11/12!


Civics – Unit 2 Flashcards – Review for Friday’s Test!


Civics Homework – Nov 7


Today in class, students continued to review for their Unit 2 Test by utilizing study guides and a notes review.

Homework - p. 63 - Complete the Unit 2 Study Guide (part 2) that was started in class today. Continue to study for your test - it's TOMORROW! And make sure your notebook is UP-TO-DATE (all handouts are taped in, all work is completed, including do nows, there are titles and every page, and the table of contents is up-to-date). You will submit your notebook tomorrow.


Civics Homework – Nov 6


Today in class, students began to review for their Unit 2 Test by utilizing study guides and completing a notes review.

Homework - p. 61 - Complete the Unit 2 Study Guide (part 1) that we started in class today. For an EXTRA CREDIT stamp, create a "fake test" of questions from Unit 2 (at least TEN (10) questions + answers)! Continue studying for the test on Friday 11/8.


Civics Homework – Nov 5


Today in class, students learned about the importance of being an informed voter by completing a scavenger hunt on a youth voter awareness guide and made their selections for mayor and city council at large. If you missed class, you can download the handouts below:

adobe-pdf-logo Youth Voting Guide

adobe-pdf-logo Our Vote Matters

Homework - —p. 58 – Read the Youth Voting Article, and highlight/underline important information, write down AT LEAST 5 comments or questions in the margins, and answer the questions at the end - you must complete all parts to receive a stamp!


Civics Homework – Oct 30


Today in class, students assessed their organization in Civics class by completing a Notebook Quiz!

Homework - Continue to research the candidate you have chosen for the Unit 2 Political Campaign Poster Project. Use the graphic organizer taped on to page 49 of your notebooks to help you - due on Friday November 1st!


Civics – Researching the Candidates for Mayor and City Council


In class on Thursday and Friday of this week, students have a chance to research the various candidates for President by completing an online station rotation activity and WebQuest! To complete the classwork, you can download the handout or start clicking the links below to get started on your research!

microsoft_word_logo Candidate Station Rotation Handout

Homework - p. 52 - Write 6+ sentences explaining what is the MOST IMPORTANT issue for you in deciding who should be elected to represent the City as mayor and city councilor at-large.

1) Station 1 - The Job of the Mayor

2) Station 2 - The Job of the City Council

3) Station 3 - John Connolly's Biography and Issues

4) Station 4 - Marty Walsh's Biography and Issues

5) Station 5 - Annissa Essaibi-George's Biography and Issues

6) Station 6 - Michael Flaherty's Biography and Issues

7) Station 7 - Jack Kelly's Biography and Issues

8) Station 8 - Martin Keogh's Biography and Issues

9) Station 9 - Ayanna Pressley's Biography and Issues

10) Station 10 - Stephen Murphy's Biography and Issues

11) Station 11 - Jeff Ross' Biography and Issues

12) Station 12 - Michelle Wu's Biography and Issues


Civics – Choose Your Candidate


Civics Homework – Oct 28


Today in class, students explained how we elect government officials in the United States, and how the process of electing the President of the United States is unique.

Homework - p. 50 - Write a letter to a friend explaining the Electoral College system and how that system is used to elect the President of the United States. At the end of your letter, explain whether you think the Electoral College should be used to pick the President, why or why not?