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FHAO Race and Membership: Teacher Resources


1) The Individual and Society

 FHAO Race+Membership Individual and Society Seminar

microsoft_word_logo Defining Identity

youtube-logo I Am Not My Hair Song

microsoft_word_logo I Am Not My Hair Lyrics

adobe-pdf-logo Little Things Are Big

2) Why Differences Matter

link A Class Divided

microsoft_word_logo Your America Metaphor Handout

 FHAO Race+Membership Why Differences Matter Seminar

3) Science and the Invention of Race

microsoft_word_logo Science and the Invention of Race Jigsaw

link Understanding Race - Who Is White?

 FHAO Race+Membership Science of Race Seminar

link RaceBox (US Census Race Questions from 1790-2010)

4) Slavery Without Chains: Segregation and Jim Crow

link The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (PBS)

adobe-pdf-logo Segregation Primary Sources Packet A

adobe-pdf-logo Segregation Primary Sources Packet B

adobe-pdf-logo Segregation Primary Sources Packet C

youtube-logo Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Consequences of Plessy Video

 FHAO Race+Membership Slavery Without Chains: Segregation and Jim Crow Seminar

5) Road to Brown v. Board of Education

 FHAO Race+Membership Road to Brown Seminar

microsoft_word_logo Classifying Arguments for Each Side of the Case

microsoft_word_logo Instructions for Legal Strategies of the NAACPedia

 Legal Strategies of the NAACPedia Master Slides

 Plessy v. Ferguson (model slide)

link Charles Hamilton Houston (research link)

link Thurgood Marshall (research link)

link The NAACP (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Buchanan v. Warley (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Gaines v. Canada (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Mendez v. Westminster (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Sweatt v. Painter (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents (research link)

legal_scales_black_silhouette Henderson v. United States (research link)

6) Boston School Desegregation Through Busing

 FHAO Race+Membership Boston School Desegregation Through Busing

youtube-logo Eyes on the Prize ("Keys to the Kingdom") Video

youtube-logo Beyond Brown: Pursuing the Promise Video

link This American Life - The Problem We Live With (Audio) Part I and Part II

link Boston School Desegregation And Busing: A Timeline Of Events

 link "It Was Like A 'War Zone': Busing In Boston" (WBUR)

 link "American Schools Are More Segregated Now Than They Were In 1968, And The Supreme Court Doesn’t Care" (Think Progress)


Civics – Unit 3 Flashcards – Review These For Friday’s Test!


Civics Homework – Dec 16


Today in class, students review what they have learned about the Constitution in Unit 3 by using various study strategies.

Homework - Complete the Unit 3 Study guide (on p. 33), if you didn't complete it in class. Also, the Unit 3 Project Planner handout (on p. 27) is due on Wednesday Dec. 18th - this assignment is worth a QUIZ grade!


Civics Homework – Dec 13

join or die

Today in class, students explained the ways in which government power is limited through checks and balances and the system of federalism, and how it divides up government into three levels.

Homework - p. 30 - Complete the Federalism Poster handout - neat and colorful!


Civics Homework – Dec 12


Today in class, students explained the powers of the Judicial Branch and evaluated the Supreme Court's role in protecting our rights, by looking at the 2009 Supreme Court case of Safford Unified School District v. Redding.

Homework - p. 28 - Complete the Judicial Branch Political Cartoon Analysis handout.


Civics – Unit 3 Constitution Handbook Project

constitution backbone

The goal of this project is to pretend that a group of exchange students are visiting the United States, and as part of their trip must complete a report on our government. In order to help them, you will design a handbook that explains the United States Constitution – what it is, its parts, and the information about the government that it explains. Use your notebook, the textbook and the Internet to research information about the Constitution before beginning your handbook! Your handbook can be neatly handwritten or typed in Microsoft Word or in PowerPoint.

microsoft_word_logo Unit 3 Constitution Handbook Project

microsoft_word_logo Unit 3 Project Planner Graphic Organizer

Step 1 - Complete the Unit 3 Project Planner handout! Due: Wednesday December 18th

Step 2 - Create and design your handbook! Due: Friday January 3rd


Civics – Branches of Power Game (Extra Credit)

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 10.48.02 PM

This week in class, Mr. V is offering students the opportunity to earn EXTRA CREDIT by experiencing playing the role of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches for a day by playing the Branches of Power game on (15 points)

If you are playing the game in class, you will play for the full 30 minutes and show Mr. V your total points for credit.

If you are playing the game at home, make sure to complete the following steps first:

1) You must first get a USERNAME and PASSWORD by emailing Mr. V at

2) Once you log-in, play the Branches of Power game; once you finish the game, your results will be saved, and Mr. V will see your progress


Civics – Judicial Branch


Today in class, students investigated and explained the role of the Judicial Branch in our government. To see what we worked on today, click on the links below:

microsoft_word_logo  The Judicial Branch or click here for the HTML version

microsoft_word_logo Judicial Branch Cornell Notes

 link Judicial Branch Overview Video Clip

Homework - p. 24 - Complete the Judicial Branch reflection - 10 sentences!


Civics Homework – Dec 6


Today in class, students reviewed the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Branch by completing several review activities.

Homework - p. 22 - Complete the Executive Branch Superhero Poster!


Civics – Executive Branch


Today in class, students investigated and explained the role of the Executive Branch in our government. To see what we worked on today, click on the links below:

microsoft_word_logo The Executive Branch or click here for HTML version

adobe-pdf-logo Page 21 Class Notes

microsoft_word_logo Executive Branch Cornell Notes Handout

Homework - p. 20 - Executive Branch Facebook chat - Write 20 messages where you and a friend discuss with each other about the information you learned in class today about the Executive Branch!