Mr. Valenzuela

Congratulations TBA 8th Graders on Finishing Middle School!


TBA Students Participate in Video Conference with Students From Mexico City!


Today, a group of students from one of Mr. V's Civics class got to participate in a video conference with a group of students from Mexico City, Mexico! A big thank you to Mr. Ensdorf (a TBA teacher living in Mexico City this year, as part of a Fulbright grant) for including us in this activity, and to Ms. Quashie for assisting our students back here!


‘The Field’ (a community action video created by TBA students)

TechBoston Academy: The Field from TechBoston Academy on Vimeo.


Step Up 2012 – We’ll Miss You Class of 2016!


BULLY Field Trip


Today, the 8th grade students and teachers participated in a field trip to watch the film BULLY. Students completed a pre-reflection and discussion, as well as a post-reflection.

After the film viewing, students had time to took a tour of the Massachusetts State House!

Homework - Complete the BULLY Handout (the pre- and post-reflection questions) to submit to your ELA teacher by TOMORROW Friday May 25th!

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TBA Eighth Graders Meet Civil Rights Icon Dr. Terrence Roberts!

Last night, 22 eighth graders from TechBoston Academy were selected as part of an essay competition to meet one of the Little Rock Nine, and Civil Rights icon, Dr. Terrence Roberts! Students got a chance to have an intimate meet-and-greet with Dr. Roberts before an event being held at the Curley K-8 School in Jamaica Plain. Several students participated in the event as panelists and essay readers. Approximately 100 students competed against one another in an essay competition held in their Civics in Action class. Students wrote persuasive essays asking the Little Rock Nine Memorial Committee to build a new memorial to honor those that helped to desegregate Central High School. Students were selected by a committee of TechBoston Academy faculty and staff.


Interdisciplinary Project – Human Rights & Empathy (Term 2)


You will use Wednesday's Community Day to complete this Term's interdisciplinary project. All of your teachers will be available to help you. Remember - this project will count as a grade in all of your classes!

Download the MLK Day - Term 2 IP handout to get started on your IP!

You can use this website to research Martin Luther King, Jr. and his life
When you are finished, click "continue reading" below to work on extra credit for the IP!


Advanced Blogging PD

Below are a selection of various website themes for you to peruse as you consider adding more advanced content to your sites.

WordPress Themes

Weebly Themes

Woo Themes for WordPress

HTML 5 and WordPress - for the really adventurous!

Tips, tricks & resources

Promote your blog with Tumblr

Todaysmeet - can be used as a backchannel or a forum for study groups

Glogster - create a graphic poster that you can embed on a class site (perfect for "splash" pages)

Animoto - take still-images and create interactive 30-second videos

Vimeo - set up a free account to upload original video content to use & embed on your site!

Quizlet - you can embed flashcards and games right on to your website for students to study!

Delicious - can be used as a way to "save" all of your online classroom resources in one place! "Tag" bookmarks too!

Quicktime tutorials - support for how to use Quicktime to make your own "How To Videos" using screen capture mode


Have a great summer!

End of Year

It's been a very special school year for Mr. V and the students of Room 119! I want to wish all students and families a happy and safe summer vacation! Enjoy it, and see you in the fall!

Be sure to check back on to read more about Mr. V's trip to Ghana in August!

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2010-2011 Student Showcase!

Tonight we celebrated the great work that students have been doing in Room 119 this year! With the help of student volunteers, parents and faculty got a greater understanding of what Civics in Action means from the students' perspective.