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Humanities 7 – Homework – May 31


Today in class, students assessed their knowledge of Unit 7 vocabulary and the countries of Europe by taking a quiz. Students continued to research and draft solutions to the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Europe from the perspective of their assigned EU country by creating a draft policy position paper.

microsoft_word_logo Model EU Policy Position Paper Draft

Homework - p. 43 - Complete the next steps (including Steps I-IV) of the project for the Unit 7 Model EU Debate. Remember that ALL the steps of the project (I-V) must be completed by the beginning of class on Tuesday 6/4. We will continue with our debate preparations tomorrow with Step V ("Building Coalitions").


Globalization I – The Upside Crash Course [Video]


How Corporations Profit From Border Militarization [Video]


How The US Outsourced Border Security To Mexico [Video]


Humanities 7 – Homework – Jan 18

Fort Apollonia

Today in class, Section 1students concluded the Unit 4.1 Ghana Slave Memorial Debate and learned which of the five options presented was chosen by the committee.

Homework - Complete the Unit 4.1 Ghana Slave Memorial Post-Debate Reflection on the class website.

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Humanities 7 – Homework – Dec 9

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 3.16.28 PM

Today in class, assessed what they have learned so far from reading Enrique's Journey. Then students continued the readers workshop for Enrique's Journey in small groups.

ppt_icon Reading Discussion Questions Instructions (How-To-Guide)

Homework - p. 30-31 - Read Chapter 9 (pages 169-194) and Chapter 10 (pages 195-201) of Enrique's Journey and create six (6) discussion questions on page 30 (for Chapter 9), and six (6) discussion questions on page 31 (for Chapter 10) of your notebook, using the questioning strategies from Humanities. Don't forget to include page numbers for each question!


Humanities 7 – Join The Guardians of the Notebook!


Integrity Academy Olympics!

Tug'O War!!!Integrity Olympics-41.jpgIntegrity Olympics-21.jpgIntegrity Olympics-40.jpgIntegrity Olympics-2.jpgIntegrity Olympics-20.jpg
Integrity Olympics-1.jpgIntegrity Olympics-22.jpgIntegrity Olympics-39.jpgIntegrity Olympics-19.jpgIntegrity Olympics-38.jpgIntegrity Olympics-21.jpg
Integrity Olympics-37.jpgIntegrity Olympics-41.jpgIntegrity Olympics-20.jpgIntegrity Olympics-36.jpgIntegrity Olympics-40.jpgIntegrity Olympics-19.jpg
Integrity Olympics-1.jpgIntegrity Olympics-35.jpgIntegrity Olympics-39.jpgIntegrity Olympics-34.jpgIntegrity Olympics-18.jpgIntegrity Olympics-38.jpg

Integrity Olympics, a set on Flickr.


Civics Homework – May 9

How Criminal and Civil Laws Interact

Today in class, students explained the reasons for having laws and compared and contrasted criminal and civil law by completing Cornell Notes.

Homework - p. 6 - Write a letter to a friend explaining the kinds of laws we have (Criminal and Civil) and how they work (10 sentences!)

To see how an image of how Criminal and Civil laws interact, click "continue reading" below.


Logo for


Logos are a great way to convey strong messages to your audience. Here is my attempt at a logo for my website. Let me know what you think!

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