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Humanities 7 – A Long Walk To Water

Unit 4.2 A Long Walk To Water

In this short story, students will understand the issues and challenges facing Sudan (particularly Southern Sudan) in the 1980s and the present-day by reading about the incredible, true story of Salva, a "Lost Boy" of Sudan, who after his resettlement in the United States, returned to his native South Sudan to bring water drilling to communities with limited water access. Each day, students will read sections of the book in-class, both independently and as a whole class, and lead discussions on various topics/themes of the short story.


microsoft_word_logo A Long Walk To Water Fundraising Letter Instructions

microsoft_word_logo Fundraising Letter Template

microsoft_word_logo A Long Walk To Water Chapter 1 Reflection

microsoft_word_logo A Long Walk To Water Chapters 8-12 Reading Chart + Reflection

Reading Schedule

Wednesday 2/15 - Introduce A Long Walk To Water, and whole-class reading of Chapters 1-3

Thursday 2/16 - Continue reading ALWTW as a whole class Chapters 4-8

Friday 2/17 - Independent reading of ALWTW Chapters 9-12

Monday 2/27 - Complete the reading of A Long Walk To Water


Humanities 7 – Africa Unit 4.2 Reflection/Survey


Humanities 7 – Homework – Feb 14


Today students returned to school after THREE consecutive snow days! Students had the chance to complete their Africa Country Research Presentations and to take notes on the remaining presentations.

Homework - Complete the reflection/survey on the class website.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Feb 8


Today in class, students presented their research on their assigned African Country in small groups. Students had the opportunity to take notes on the presentations that they observed. At the end of class, students submitted their work using

link Submit Your Africa Country Research Presentation Here

microsoft_word_logo Africa Country Research Presentations Chart

Homework - p. 8 - On a separate sheet of paper write a letter about what you learned in each of the presentations at that you observed in class today.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Feb 7


Today in class, students completed a peer review of student presentations for the Africa Country Research Projects. The students used the feedback from their peers to help them make edits and changes to their own presentations before the deadline. Students used Google Classroom to complete the peer review activity.

microsoft_word_logo Peer Review for Africa Country Research Presentations

Homework - Complete the Africa Country Research Projects by TOMORROW in order to be ready to present in-class! Students will also submit their final presentations in-class.


Humanities 7 – Sample Africa Country Research Project


Humanities 7 – Unit 4.2 Africa Country Research Project


Unit 4.2 Africa Country Research Project

In this creative research project, students will create a booklet (paper, poster, Google Presentation/Slides, or Prezi) about one African country that will be used to teach other classmates. Each project will include several sections, so make sure to do them all well. Your goal is to make your classmates become interested in the country!


microsoft_word_logo Africa Country Research Instructions

microsoft_word_logo Africa Country Research Notes

microsoft_word_logo Peer Review Research Checklist

ppt_icon Sample Country Research Presentation - South Africa

Research Links

link World Bank DataBank

link CIA World FactBook

link US State Department Travel Advisories

link Lonely Planet Travel Guides

link If It Were My Home

Project Schedule

Wednesday - Introduce the project, begin researching your African country

Thursday 2/2 - Continue researching your African country

Friday 2/3 - Begin working on project

Monday 2/6 - Project work day and peer review

Tuesday 2/7 - Project work day and peer review

Wednesday 2/8 - Project is DUE and presentations begin in-class

Thursday 2/9 - Presentations conclude


Humanities 7 – Homework – Jan 31


Today in classes, students further explored the driving forces for imperialism by European powers in Africa during the 19th and 20th centuries by analyzing primary source documents in groups. Students also found out which country they were assigned for the upcoming Unit 4.2 Africa Country Research Project.

adobe-pdf-logo Imperialism in Africa Documents A-D

Homework - p. 4 - Research how your assigned country from Africa gained independence from European imperialism. Make sure the article that you find is a RELIABLE source (no Wikipedia!) and print out the article to tape on to page 4 of your notebook.


Humanities 7 – Homework – Jan 30


Today in class, students described some of the driving forces behind European Imperialism in Africa during the 19th and 20th centuries by doing a background investigation and debating in what scenarios imperialism is justified. Students also completed an activity to learn how the "Scramble for Africa" worked.

adobe-pdf-logo Is Imperialism Ever Justified?

adobe-pdf-logo What Was The Driving Force Behind European Imperialism in Africa

Homework - p. 2 - Read the Background Essay in your packet and answer the questions from the last page of the handout in complete sentences (on a separate sheet of paper). Make sure to define the terms in the last question.